Don Quixote Distillery & Winery
Home of Hand Crafted Premium Wines & Spirits
Blue Corn Bourbon (750ml)
Blue Corn Vodka (750 ml)  
Spirit of Santa Fe Vodka (750 ml, 375 ml)
Spirit of Santa Fe Gin (750 ml, 375 ml)
Spirit of Santa Fe Brandy (750 ml, 375 ml)
Pisco (750 ml)
Qalvados Apple Brandy (375 ml)
Mon Cherie Cherry Eau de Vie (375 ml)
Malvasia Bianca Grappa (375 ml)
Grappa (375 ml)
Angelica - Oldest wine made in America.  Very sweet.
Mon Cherie - Dark Cherry Port with rich flavors
Dulcinia - Delicate port from Muscat with fruity finish
Rio Rojo - Tawny port with deep berry taste and hint of oak
Rio Blanco - Rare white port.  Sweet with fruity overtone
Al Azar Cherry Sherry - Creamy Cherry taste with oaky finish
Red River White - Dry light with a refreshing finish
Manhattan Project White - Deep with buttery finish
City Different Malvasia Bianca - Robust & fruity
Te Quiero White Sangria - From NM orchard fruit
City Different Cabernet - Elegant dry oaky
Manhattan Project Merlot - Gently oaked deep berry taste
Manhattan Project Red - Lightly oaked fruity finish
Red River Red - Blended wine.  Soft & slightly sweet
Te Amo Red Sangria - Refreshing with citrus overtone
DESIRE - Sweet Cherry wine with hint of almonds
TEMPTATION - Very sweet ice wine from apples
PASSION - Both sweet and tart robust plum wine
SEDUCTION - Special sweet herbal wine from ROSE petals
Our Wines & Spirits can be ordered on-line Store or Contact us  (505) 695-0817
As a part of our commitment to natural products and earth friendly
production we never added chemicals, coloring, flavorings, or texturizing
agents to our spirits.  "We give you, what God and nature gave us."
Visit our Tasting Rooms in
Santa Fe and Los Alamos

Sample our many Wines, Ports, &
Spirits. Relax in our in-store lounge
or outdoor courtyards.  
Please use the menu above to learn about us and our
products. You can find us on our Map page and
you can contact with questions of comments on our
Contact page.
Here's a list of the Spirits, Wines and Ports that we offer.
When you visit our Santa Fe or Los Alamos tasting rooms you
sample these products and learn about the history and
uniqueness behind each product we offer.
Dolin Distillery Incorporated (TM), 236 Rio Bravo, Los Alamos, NM 87544  - (505) 695-0817.
Doing business as Don Quixote Distillery & Winery (TM), Spirit of Santa Fe (TM) spirits, Don Quixote
Distillery (TM), Don Quixote Winery (TM), Manhattan Project Wines (TM), and City Different Wines (TM).
Welcome to New Mexico's       
Oldest Distillery
We are a craft distillery specializing in small
batch hand crafted spirits for people who
appreciate the very best.  We produce the world's
only bourbon whiskey and vodka made from Blue
Corn.  New Mexico blue corn is the oldest corn
and was  first cultivated by the ancient Anasazi
Indians along New Mexico's Rio Grande.  We also
make a Gin from New Mexico botanicals; and
Brandy, Pisco, Grappa, Calvados and a Cherry Eau
de Vie from NM fruits.
We are home to Manhattan Project Wines.
We make our 13 wines 6 Ports  and Sherry using old world craftsmanship with
minimal chemicals.  We specialize in Ports and belong to a select group of Port
producers in the world who make both the wine and the brandy in their Ports.  In all
our wine and spirits production, we are committed to using natural or organic
products, limiting the use of chemicals and exercising green manufacturing methods.