We make a wide range of products that at first  may seem random
    but after learning more about who we are and our old world
    techniques it becomes clear that ever product a piece of an
    integrated whole
    We make ten different spirits, including a
    blue corn bourbon, two vodkas, a gin from
    New Mexico botanicals, Pisco Brandy,
    Calvados, an Eau de Vie and two Grappas.

Specializing in small batch distillery we incorporate old
world traditions with modern technology.  We design and
build each of our Stills to optimize our high desert
environment.  Our commitment to green manufacturing
insures our spirits never have added chemicals, coloring,
flavoring,aromas, or texurizing agents.
Don Quixote Distillery & Winery
Wine, Port, Spirits, Extracts and Fine Chocolates
    We make seventeen different wines, including
    traditional table wines, Sangria, dessert
    wines, Ports and Sherry.

We are the only Port and Sherry producer in America who
make both the Wine and Brandy in their Ports/Sherry.  We
proudly make Angelica, the oldest wine made in America
and a New Mexico creation going back 386 years. We
barrel age our wines in French oak. Using minimal sulfates.
Our Ports and Sherry have no sulfates added.
    We make five different vanilla extracts, a fruit
    extract and Ginseng extract. We make a
    variety of other extracts for cocktails and our
    gourmet chocolates.

Our vanilla extracts mostly used for baking. We make fruit
extracts for our Sangria, almond extract for our dessert
wine, and coffee, mint, rose, and other extracts for our
gourmet chocolates. For your health, we make Ginseng
extract from Korean red root ginseng.
Gourmet chocolates

    Truffles, Cake Balls, Bars, Carmel,
    wherever your chocolate desires take
    you we have a hand crafted chocolate
    for you.

Hand made in our Santa Fe tasting room our
chocolates use natural flavors many derived
from our wines, spirits, and extracts.
Dolin Distillery Incorporated (TM), 236 Rio Bravo, Los Alamos, NM 87544  - (505) 695-0817.
Doing business as Don Quixote Distillery & Winery (TM), Spirit of Santa Fe (TM) spirits, Don Quixote
Distillery (TM), Don Quixote Winery (TM), Manhattan Project Wines (TM), and City Different Wines (TM).